With 50% more conversions coming from Google Ads than organic search results, we know it is a top priority for most businesses. But how do you make sure your ads stand out from the others around it and entice the reader to click?

We’ve got three key things to consider that will help you take boring copy and turn it into ads your target audience will want to click.

1. Choose the Right Kind of Headline

While there are several different ways to approach an ad, we have found specific ad headline types outperform the rest.

Make It Hyper-Local

If you are competing for local business, the number one thing you should be doing is making your ad copy hyper-local. Keep it simple – keyword + location in the first headline and your value proposition in the second.

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    Affordable with Satisfaction Guarantee

Ask a Question

When people are searching for something, it is typically because they have a need. Use this to your advantage by using phrases that show the searcher that you understand what they need and how you can deliver it.

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Overcome an Objection

If there are common misconceptions that may prevent someone from clicking your ad, use your headline to take that reason off the table right off the bat.  For example, if you are a car dealership and have a promotion that allows buyers to purchase a vehicle with no money down, feature that in the headline.

  • Buy a 2020 Buick Verano – No Money Down
    Freer Buick and GMC | Austin Avenue

Give an Incentive

Everyone likes a good deal, which makes this type one of the easiest to create. Use a discount or special offer to sweeten the pot helping persuade them to click.

  • Free Shipping on All Desks
    New and Used Designer Furniture

2. Use Words that Sell

Your choice of words can affect the success of an ad more than most people realize. Incorporate words that are known to grab attention and have a higher tendency to convert, such as:

Your Online Shipping Free Our
You Now Save Get Best

3. Have a Strong and Creative Call-to-Action

Probably one of the most important components of a good Google Ad is the CTA or Call-to-Action. Don’t be tempted to go the easy route by including “click” or “click here.” Not only is that boring, but it’s proven that CTAs with “click” are lowest-performing CTAs according to a study done by WordStream. Instead, incorporate one of the following top-performing words:

Get Buy Shop Try
Learn Build Sign Up Discover

With click-worthy Google Ads, you will be setting your search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns up for success. Need help crafting quality ads or managing it entirely? Our team of SEM strategists has you covered! Contact us for more information about our online advertising solutions.