Yelp is an online directory that lets people search and review almost every type of business ranging from sushi to mechanics, to dentists that are open on Saturday.  Since Yelp was founded in 2004, users have contributed over 47 million reviews of almost every type of local business.

Every business owner (or manager) can setup a free account to post photos, message your customers and respond to reviews.  It’s important to claim your ‘business’, simply having a profile and presence on the review website will increase customer awareness.

Don’t forget to let your website visitors know that you’re on Yelp.  With a business account it’s easy to create “Yelp review badge” for your website.  This lets people visiting your website know that you take pride in your business and that your reviews can speak for themselves.

Below are some interesting facts about a typical Yelp user:

  • People trust reviews: 44% of customers base their decision after reading a review
  • People trust business ratings: 26% of customers decide if they should try a new business based on the company review
  • Top business types searched on Yelp: restaurants, beauty and spa, food, nightlife, home and professional services

Go ahead and search for your business, there are most likely reviews.  Why not take advantage of joining Yelp?  It will help build your customer awareness, while promoting your brand and providing a platform for existing customers to engage.

How Yelp Can Help Grow Your Business