Whether or not you are selling your products online, your retail location can still benefit from having a strong digital presence, helping to build your brand and drive customers to your store. Customers are looking online for research and to gather information to help with their purchase decisions, including searching the best retail deals, and where they can go to purchase the product.

Google provides a number of products and tactics that give your retail marketing strategy the edge it needs to be able to compete with online retailers. Find out how Google can help your retail marketing strategy increase sales from online consumers with our favorite features specifically for retail locations:

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a paid advertising platform that can quickly connect your business with consumers who are searching for your products and services. Unlike organic search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, which gain effectiveness and rank over time, once ads through Adwords go live, they are visible to consumers immediately, appearing before natural search results.

What’s even better is your can target a specific audience, so your efforts and money are never wasted. For example a baby clothing boutique in Denver, CO could target anyone in that area (or narrow it down further by zipcode) searching for “baby shower gift” between the ages of 20-35 from the hours of 9am-10pm.

With location extensions in Adwords, businesses can actually show their address, phone number and even include a link with directions to their location along their ad. Not only can your local retail business choose the right demographic, geographic and keyword to reach your audience, you can make sure you can easily be found and contacted by those you reach.

Local Search Listings

A strong advantage that a local retailer has through Google, is the opportunity for your business to appear in Local Search Listings. Google pulls information directly from your Google My Business Profile (which allows you to create business listings for one or multiple locations), and displays those results above natural searches, and is specifically generated based on the local search area.

Keep your business hours updated online to improve your retail marketing strategy!

By creating a Google My Business account and actively updating it (and asking customers to leave reviews on it) you can secure prime real estate in local search results.

Keep Your Business Accessible

Imagine going to Amazon and finding out it was closed for the night when you’re expecting it to be open 24/7. By having inaccurate business hours up (even just for a holiday) in your local business listing in your Google My Business profile you are essentially turning business away that you don’t even know about.If a customer arrives at your location based on the hours they find online, to discover your store is closed, it’s

If a customer arrives at your location based on the hours they find online, to discover your store is closed, it’s possible they will move on to the competition and not return to you. The simple solution is to be sure to update your hours when they differ from the norm you have posted.

Get Visual on YouTube

Consumers are constantly turning to online reviews when it comes to businesses and products. From blog articles to videos, they are looking to find out which product will best meet their needs.

Get a piece of this traffic by creating your own product review in the form of videos. Whether comparison videos, best uses, or simple product breakdown of videos are a great way you can attract attention from consumers locally and nationwide.

Beyond sharing these videos on YouTube, you can also share them on your other social channels, and even create an article on your blog where you share them as well.

Take your videos a step further by including a discount code at the end of the video for any consumer who comes into your retail location to buy the product. This will not only reward those consumers who watch your entire video, but also can help you gauge the effectiveness of video marketing in your retail marketing strategy.

While Google offers many products to increase the effectiveness of your retail marketing strategy, we’ve pulled out a few of the vital features that your location should be utilizing to increase in-store traffic.