The Challenge

With two Cincinnati locations, TLC Pet Care Centers needed help with the challenges of multiple names, addresses, phone numbers, reviews, and more – all while trying to generate awareness and consideration with the right audience at the right time. Vivial was the answer.

TLC Pet Care Centers generated 850 leads worth over $180,000 in potential revenue across two locations.

The Vivial Product Solution

  • Marketing Platform
  • Website
  • SEM
  • Print Directories


The Results

$180,000 potential revenue from 850 new leads

81 new rankings for several influential and competitive keywords

200 online directories optimized to ensure accurate information for both locations

Top search engine positions for business in highly visible locations

Created new responsive website viewable on any screen or device

7,000 new connections

Through the dashboard, TLC Pet Centers can track results and see the impressive ROI they get with Vivial.