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Small Business Social Media Marketing

Using Vivial’s social media tools, you’ll establish a presence on must-have sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yelp. You’ll also build followers by using Facebook advertising and keep them engaged with regular posts and updates. And you can do it all from your desk – or your phone.

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Over 40% of consumers say their purchase decisions are influenced most by social media.

source: Ad Age

Our Social Media Highlights


Ohio Valley Antique Mall

Uses the Vivial platform to manage multiple daily posts to their 60,000+ Facebook followers.


Texas Chrome Shop

Used the Vivial platform to grow their Facebook followers by over 3% each month, reaching nearly 50,000 followers total.

Create your social media calendar in 6 easy steps.

Choose with care. There are hundreds of social media networks available, with a huge range of sizes, niches and unique audiences. Identify the networks that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Getting Audited is a Good Thing

Our social media audit shows where you’re strong and where the opportunities lie. Nothing to audit? No worries. That means we can get right to work creating your social media presence.

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