If you haven’t noticed, there’s a little bit of madness going on right now—in the form of college basketball. And while many across the country are frantically checking their brackets, hoping to see their picks make it to the Final Four, at Vivial, we’re taking a different perspective.

While digital marketing doesn’t share a rich history dating back to 1939 like the Division 1 Men’s basketball tournament—its own brief history has been just as exciting, and just as impactful. So, in honor of the basketball craze sweeping the nation, we thought we’d have a little fun and share our 16 sweet digital marketing tips to keep you from going mad. Drumroll please.

16. Know your audience.

Think about who your primary customer is. Male or female? What age are they? Where do they live? These are things you’ll want to keep in mind at all times. It will make it much easier to target them and tailor your message to them.

15. Write about what you know.

Speaking of messaging, when you’re creating social media posts, blog posts or any other custom content, write about what you know. You’re an expert in something or you wouldn’t be running your business. Stick to content that relates to your area of expertise and provides utility to your customers. This creates the most meaningful relationships with them and drives more business.

14. Repurpose content.

Don’t reinvent the wheel each time you need more content. Use snippets from your recent blog post to create a compelling Facebook post. Use images from your website photo gallery to post on Instagram. Custom content should never be one-and-done. Great content should get quite a bit of mileage! Plus, it keeps your messaging consistent across platforms.

13. Be authentic.

Don’t try to be something you’re not, or appeal to an audience that won’t be interested. Trying to appear as if you’re more than you are, different than you are is just off-putting to potential customers and makes you seem desperate and deceptive—neither of which is attractive to potential customers.

12. Be present.

Be present digitally. Make sure you have a website, make sure you have a profile on Facebook and Instagram at minimum. Then, be active. Post new content on your website, keep active on social media. Let customers know you’re active and engaged. A truly engaging relationship with customers begins with an engaged you.

11. Be accurate.

Make sure all your info online is accurate. Maybe you moved locations. Maybe your website or phone number is different. Maybe your hours change. Or, maybe nothing has changed, but you’re not actively managing your online listings—if any of these things are true, you need to be monitoring your online listings and ensuring they are accurate.

10. Be mobile.

Make sure your strategy includes a mobile website and at least some form of text marketing. Mobile is the present and the future of digital marketing, and without it there’s a virtual certainty you’ll miss out on business.

9. Track your results.

This is the #1 mistake many businesses make. They spend time, money and effort on digital marketing only to have no clue what their ROI is. What sort of engagement are you seeing? How has your online performance improved over time? If you can’t answer these questions, you need to do a better job of tracking your marketing programs.

8. Schedule your content.

The best part of creating custom content, and repurposing it, is to schedule it out. If you’re scheduling your content to post at predetermined times across platforms, you’ll never get caught without new content, or stuck at your desk when you need to be running your business.

7. Request reviews.

It’s that simple. You have customers, and hopefully they’re happy ones. A quick text or email and boom, they’ll leave you a review. It’s quick, simple and super effective at acquiring new customers. Reviews are key when it comes to the decision-making process for consumers.

6. Respond to reviews promptly.

It doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative, a quick response to an online review shows you’re engaged, and you care about your customers.

5. Don’t over-complicate things.

There are a lot of cool marketing tactics out there. Video is one of them. Video drives greatly increased engagement. But, many businesses overlook it because they don’t think they have the budget to create original video. Do you know where the best video equipment is? Probably in your purse or pocket. These days, the average smartphone has everything you need to create, edit and post custom video to your social channels.

4. Don’t underestimate the value in being #1.

Some businesses are content to show up on page 2 of Google search results. Don’t be one of them. The increased conversions you’ll see from being on page one—and at the top of page one—is substantial. Where and how you appear in the Google search results for searches related to your business is a critical component to any marketing strategy.

3. Don’t be afraid to spend a little to make a lot.

On social media these days, to cut through the noise and clutter, don’t be afraid to dole out a little budget for paid social ads. They are effective and engaging, and just might drum up some new business for you at a fairly low CPA.

2. Know when to ask for help.

This is a lot to digest. There are a lot of tips here. Even simplifying the process as we’ve attempted to do here, the list is still long and might be a burden for some. If that’s you, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Look for a partner that offers an all-in-one platform that can address most, if not all, of what we’ve mentioned here.

1. Utilize a platform you can trust.

But don’t use just any platform. Look for a best-in-class platform that integrates online, social and mobile tools in a simple, easy-to-use way—combined with expert service, transparent reporting and a price that won’t bust your budget. Want to learn more? Contact us today!

There you have it folks. 16 slam dunk tips to get your digital marketing in tip top shape. Don’t go mad this March, make sure you have a solid digital marketing plan in place!