Today we launched our mobile website builder to much press fan fare ( Business News Daily, Business Insider, etc.). Our mobile website builder enables every Vivial customer to have a beautiful mobile website that is focused on driving and converting web site visitors into customers. That’s a crucial distinction that is often overlooked – making sure your mobile website and all marketing channels fulfill their purpose.

For example, it’s outrageous, but not surprising that 60% of local business websites don’t have their phone number on them.  Local business owners are overwhelmed and check the box and say, “yes I have a website,” but it doesn’t serve its purpose and they likely didn’t have a trusted local marketing expert help them.

Similarly, the purpose of a mobile website is to drive visitors and convert them. And now more than ever it’s easy and critical to create a great looking and effective mobile website.

Google reports that 40 percent of mobile consumers turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile Web experience, and 57 percent wouldn’t recommend a business with a bad mobile site.

So you need a great local mobile website.  Here are 4 keys to a great local mobile website.

#1 Convert – Calls to Action on Every Page

Calls to action on every pageConverting to a local customer means getting them to your place of business and the primary way to do that is to get them to “Call” or “Get Directions.”    If they are landing on your website, there’s a good chance they are just looking for your phone number or how to get to your business.  If they browse, your goal is to get them there.  Every page on your mobile website should emphasize those two calls to action (or CTAs), especially on your home page.

#2 Simplify – Only the Information You Need

Simplify the information you needMobile means on the go and on a device with a much smaller screen (note: for the purposes of this discussion we assume it’s a smart phone.  For tablets, a traditional website is likely to meet the need).  Being constrained by the device screen being smaller and the fact that the connection is slower provides two great reasons to provide less on your mobile website.

But the other key, is that mobile websites are used by “mobile” people – i.e. people on the move. Their goal more often than not is to quickly get the information they need, not to engage in a long reading session. Focus on what a local customer needs – your basic info, places you are online, some description of your business, a menu or set of services, and any events, announcements or deals.

Keep it short and simple. Make the landing page of the home page beautiful and then focus on conversion.

#3 Engage – Social Media, Reviews and Newsletters

engage with social mediaMost smartphone users regularly use social media on their mobile devices. While your primary calls to action should be to call and go to the local business, there are many opportunities to create a marketing win out of their mobile visit.

If they Like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or subscribe to your email list, you now can continue to market to them beyond this visit and it’s 8x more cost effective to bring an existing customer back than to get a new customer.  Additionally, here is a chance to get a likely favorable customer to improve your social reputation by leading them to your Yelp page or your Google+Local page.  Better reviews, mean better rankings on search and better conversion of other customers.  Again, a marketing win!


#4 Drive Traffic – Mobile SEO That Leverages Your Website

Drive traffic with SEOMobile SEO is a bit tricky.  If you have a separate mobile website it’s important you map the pages to each other in a way that Google understands so that Google doesn’t think this is a separate website rather than mobile version of your existing website.

You can use canonical tags on every page to accomplish this and the Vivial mobile website builder makes this easy.   Additionally, leveraging Google micro-data to specify the location will help with local search, and this is automatic with Vivial.