Gone are the good ole’ days of relying solely on traditional marketing to grow your local business. A 30-second spot on your local radio station or a well-positioned billboard may still get the word out to some people, but they’re simply not enough.

The good news? We can learn some valuable lessons from the marketing of yesteryear, and—applied to today’s technologies—your business can achieve great growth.

What’s the biggest lesson we can learn from traditional marketing methods?

The power of targeting. Consider this: You have a message you want to run in a radio ad. How do you choose which station to run your spot on? How do you decide what time slot to purchase? You want to get your message out to only the audiences most likely to be interested in what you have to say or offer.

It wouldn’t be very cost effective to blast your message across all local stations 24/7. You’d hit the classical station, country, hard rock and news stations. You’d get the stay-at-home moms during the day, the commuters in the evening, and the “up-all-nighters” during the wee hours. And unless your business is really broad and you have lots of money—that’s not the best method. You want to target your message to the audience most related to your business.

Now let’s update this example a bit. Enter into the era of digital marketing — specifically, social media marketing. Even more specifically — Facebook marketing. Suddenly, we have unparalleled access to distribute our message as local businesses to virtually everyone across the globe! But after a while, we began to see that there was something missing from this marketing tool—the ability to target. Enter Facebook advertising.

Facebook advertising is a delicate marriage that brings together the power of social media marketing and the laser-focus of traditional targeting. Let’s take a look at a handful of reasons why it’s the exact tool your local business needs.

1. It’s The Largest Social Network

Facebook has the highest potential traffic out of all of the social networks, with a user base of 1.23 billion people logging in every day. As you begin targeting your message, you’re starting with an enormous potential audience. This gives you the numbers needed to scale your advertising campaigns as your business grows.

2. Precision Targeting

You want to target just women—you got it. Only serve a 5-mile radius around your business—target only people within those boundaries. Want to make sure people with an interest in knitting see your message? Done. The targeting abilities with Facebook advertising far exceed the abilities we have with print or radio. It’s cleaner and more precise, leading to greater engagement and higher conversion

3. Tap into Trust-Building Tools

Take a look at any boosted post (Facebook Ad) on your own newsfeed. If any of your friends have already liked that company’s page, their names show up at the top of the post. Seeing someone you know associated with that brand leverages the trust that already exists in your social communities. The social proof provided by this feature can help build trust with new prospects and drive current leads one step closer to a conversion.

4. The Mobile Effect

As part of the same advertising program/budget, your Facebook ads will appear on both desktop and mobile. That means you’re automatically tapping into the 1.74 billion mobile users on Facebook. Why should you care? This audience often has a strong purchase intent, so you’re reaching them right when they’re ready to convert. Mobile users are particularly valuable if you need more foot traffic for your local storefront.

People often get on their phones to look up information on businesses when they’re shopping locally. Part of their process involves going to social networks – like Facebook – and asking for quick input from their social circles. If your ad shows up when they’re actively looking for your type of business, you have a better chance at getting them through your door.

5. It’s Never Been Easier

When Facebook advertising first came on the market, it was pretty much a DIY tool. If you didn’t have the time, knowledge, or desire to learn the Facebook Business Manager, you were pretty much out of the game. Now, with options such as Vivial’s Excel product, you don’t even have to log into Facebook to manage a paid ad campaign. Bonus: solutions like Excel also offer a dedicated Account Coordinator that will do all the work for you!

So, there you have it folks. Irrefutable evidence of the fact that Facebook Advertising is pretty much a no-brainer for your local business marketing. But maybe you’re still not convinced. Give us a shout, and we’ll be happy to toss some more proof your way!