The Vivial NYC office has been shut down for #stellablizzard – but we’re still in business today.  While we’ve been safely nestled inside this morning we put together some social media blizzard tips so your small business can contend with the wild winter weather.

For some that may mean staying safe, for others it may mean a day to play, but for all small businesses – whether your doors are opened or closed – needing to get the word out means social media is your most stella tool (see what we did there) for avoiding any major losses.

State of Emergency = A Sense of Urgency

Get ahead of the game and notify your audience about your plan as soon as your forecast becomes clear – especially if you’ll be closing.

If you’ll only be open for a limited time, use that sense of urgency and be that last chance for them to come out before they’re cooped up inside. If you have an e-commerce presence, remind them they can shop online. And in general, remind them that you’ll still be there when the storm has passed.

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Jump on the News Bandwagon

One of the hallmarks of small businesses is the sense of community that they can create and be a part of. Major incidents (like maybe, a major blizzard) can be an opportunity for every business to be involved with their community in a very real and useful way.

Take to social media and simply retweet and repost important updates from government offices, transit agencies and other official sources. If you’re a “go to” establishment in your community already – they may come to you before they see the official notice. If you’re working on creating or associating a sense of community with your business this is a great way to do it.

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So, You’re Open -But Why Should I Brave the Storm?

Some businesses are staying open today in the Northeast, but many of us are questioning why on earth they would. If you decide to keep your doors open, make sure to broadcast it loud and clear and to include a compelling reason for customers to join you.

blizzard yoga studio open social media instagram     blizzard open social media instagram     blizzard restaurant open social media instagram

Snow Days These Days are Indoor, Online Play Days

Vivial is in the business of digital marketing, so while we may get to work from our living rooms in our pajamas we’re still online. But for many a snow day is a magical time where they can sleep until noon, Netflix guilt free, snack all day, shop online and pretty much anything else that doesn’t involve stepping out of the house.

Have some fun with your audience! There are endless clever jokes to be made about this awesomely unique circumstance and maybe your business can put a clever spin on how to spend the day.

blizzard social media instagram     blizzard social media twitter     blizzard social media instagram

Take a Moment to Get Cozy with Your Customers

There is something about extreme circumstances that can bring people together – even online. The mindset “we’re all in it together” often settles in with a snow storm and is the perfect context for you and your business to share a little more about who you are.

Today is the kind of day where you have permission to be doing something other than work, so post that picture of the hot cocoa by the fireplace – everyone from plumbers to restaurant owners included. Let us know that you’re a real person and show us how you’re savoring your snow day.