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babyboomers  That is the question that I have had been asked repeatedly throughout my sales and management career. Perceptions would leave many to believe that Yellow Pages are no longer a viable source for generating new customers. But I would like to challenge those perceptions with the question – “Who’s your ideal customer?” I have found that businesses that can identify their target market or prospects are able to gear their message to deliver value to these consumers. Answering this question will also help you achieve the highest return on your advertising dollars.

Most of today’s advertising dollars and media attention is geared toward young adults, but are they your ideal/typical customer? If the answer is “NO,” you may need to change your perception regarding Yellow Pages. Let’s take a look.

A recent study by CRM Associates (Who’s Your Ideal Customer?, Feb. 2014) shows that households between the ages of 35-65 have the highest incomes. This is more than double the incomes of households ages 18-25. In fact, roughly 80% of all financial assets are held by those over the age of 50.


table2table3The primary target for Yellow Pages are consumers in the 45 and over age range. This is exactly the group of consumers that will turn to the phone directory when they have a need. These consumers also spend significantly more than younger households.

Do customers age 45 and over fit the mold of your ideal customer?

If the answer is yes, one of the wisest investments you can make is in the Yellow Pages – the original search engine!

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