Birds are chirping, days are getting longer, and depending on where you live, Spring is in the air, or winter is rearing her ugly head—holding on just a smidge longer. No matter what the weather is like in your neighborhood, it’s the time of year when many are packing bags and heading to beaches and exotic locales in search of sun, sand and splashes. For most, spring break provides a long-awaited respite from the humdrum and monotony of the winter months.

Of course, as we ponder this time of year, we can’t help but make some connections to our favorite pastime—digital marketing! Shocked? Neither are we. Humor us for a second. You see, no matter where your spring break travels take you, there’s a great lesson to be learned about preparation and packing appropriately. Even a staycation requires the proper packing list. Let’s explore this idea a bit.

You’re going to Florida for a week of fun in the sun. You hop on a plane, drive to your hotel—a 4-star resort overlooking the ocean (we can dream, right?) and get ready to head to the beach. You open your suitcase and your stomach drops—it’s full of sweaters, boots, gloves, a hat and a snowsuit! There is nothing appropriate for your day at the beach. Or perhaps you’re hunkering down at home for a school-free or work-free week of Netflix and chill. You plop down on your couch only to realize that aside from forgetting the Cheetos and Diet Coke in the other room, you don’t, in fact have a subscription to Netflix. Bummer.

You see, a week of fun or relaxation is only achievable if you have planned ahead and have the right wardrobe and accessories. Netflix and chill is not possible without Netflix. Swimming is a little difficult in a snowsuit. The same holds true when you’re marketing your local business.

Trying to engage with customers on Facebook? You’ll need a Facebook account and quite possibly some advanced Facebook marketing tools to overcome the recent algorithm changes. Want to drive more traffic to your website—well, it’s a good idea to have a website first. Then you’ll need SEO tools to get your website ranking higher in the search results. The point? A great vacation or staycation requires planning and preparation—and so does effective digital marketing.

Here’s the good news. Unless you’re Beyoncé you probably don’t have a personal assistant, who will pack your bags for vacation or stock your house with goodies for your staycation. But when it comes to marketing your local business—you don’t have to go it alone. You can afford help! At Vivial, we’re here to back you up and make sure you have the right tools for the right job.

We’re here to support businesses like yours, and we’ve been doing it for over a hundred years. But for now, sit back, relax and enjoy spring break—whether on a beach, or on the comfort of your family room couch. We’ll be here when you’re ready!