Ask any successful marketing reseller what makes them successful, and they’re likely to tell you it’s the products they’re selling. Ask any small business what compels them to take the plunge and purchase marketing tools and services and they’ll likely tell you it was because their sales rep understood their problem and offered a unique solution. So how do you use Facebook to secure more sales?

OK, so it doesn’t have to be Facebook, but Facebook is a great example of how you can take a hot topic in the news that presents a challenge to your business customers, position yourself as an expert, offer a relevant solution, and make the sale. Allow us to explain.

For years Facebook users watched as their news feeds grew more and more cluttered with content that was of little importance to them. But over the past year, in what seems to be a growing trend towards improving the online user experience, Facebook is continuously making changes to its news feed algorithm—giving more prominence to content from a user’s friends and family. Business content and other content that is not highly relevant may now see diminished visibility in users’ news feeds.

This is a change that impacts all local businesses. So, how can you use this to your advantage? First off—educate yourself. Stay up to date on the latest algorithm changes and how it’s likely to impact your customers. Nothing builds trust with your customers better or faster than demonstrating a strong understanding of marketing trends and how they impact your customers. Second—offer your customers a solution that addresses their challenge. Bonus points if that solution is unique from anything your competition can offer.

Case in point—reselling Vivial’s Marketing Platform. The platform essentially creates meaningful, custom content and distributes it widely—including on Facebook. This content entices users to engage (think comments, reactions, shares, etc.) which is an indicator to Facebook that the business is relevant and should remain visible in news feeds.

By educating yourself, you’ll be able to communicate to your customers how changes in algorithms can impact their visibility in users’ news feeds. You’ll also be able to let your customers know that there are ways to mitigate these challenges. Custom content that’s engaging, useful, informative and shareable can keep a business relevant and visible even in light of the changes. Finally, you offer your customers the solution that addresses all these needs [Vivial’s Marketing Platform]. An all-in-one digital marketing platform that provides everything from custom content to social media management.

So, is Facebook really the key to securing more sales? Maybe, but it’s not alone. The point is, this example can be replicated with any number of martech solutions. Figure out what the challenge is that’s facing your customers. Build trust by demonstrating a strong understanding of their challenge and an understanding of trends in the market that impact your customers. Once you’ve built that trust—introduce a solution that addresses their needs. An approach like this—whatever the product focus—is sure to get you closing more deals in no time.

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