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plumberI know something about plumbing. My Papa was a plumber when I was a teenager and I spent summers with him, installing new and fixing old. I’ve crawled up under homes to repair a leak and dug the trench by hand from here to, you mean way over there? We recently began noticing our drains were not clearing out as quickly. I put my admittedly limited knowledge to work and deduced I needed to have someone come to the house. Turns out our septic drain field had gotten clogged with roots. I needed a professional.

I know something about cars. You put gas in them, use the key to turn them on, stomp, I mean gently press the accelerator, and my favorite feature, turn up the radio! What I know about repairing cars would fill a one-page pamphlet. I use a professional when work needs to be done on my car.

I know something about taxes. I’ve been paying them my whole life. I know the government levies them and I pay taxes on every purchase. I pay a state income tax and a federal income tax. I can write off my mortgage interest every year. While I can use my children as a deduction, I have discovered it is more difficult to just write them off. What I know about taxes would fill a sticky note. I hire a professional to make sure I am compliant in case the IRS wants to do an audit.

I know something about the law. My wife is addicted, I mean she’s a rabid, I mean she’s an avid fan of Law & Order, in all its variations. I’ve been in court for speeding tickets, nothing recent mind you. While I’m not particularly proud of the fact, I have been divorced so I know something about how that goes down. I avoid having a fool for a client by hitting speed dial 7, I mean by calling my attorney for help.

I know something about advertising. It began in 1985 when I started working for the college newspaper. I went from there to working in radio, first as an on-air personality (fancy term for DJ), then as a copy writer and commercial producer. I left radio for a local advertising agency. There I oversaw projects which included:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Billboards
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Point of purchase materials
  • Packaging
  • Logo creation/implementation
  • Direct mail
  • Identity materials
  • Annual reports
  • Advertising specialties
  • About 30 other things I can’t seem to recall right now

I decided to try my hand at sales and began a career with the Yellow Page industry.  From here I’ve done:

  • Yellow Pages
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Websites & Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Adwords Certified
  • Yahoo! Ambassador
  • Reputation Management
  • Online Display ads
  • Online Video
  • More direct mail
  • Pay for Performance advertising
  • YellowPages.com
  • And another 27 things I’m sure I’m missing

I know something about advertising. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with literally thousands of small businesses in my tenure in this industry. We’ve talked about what works, what doesn’t, how it works, why it works or flops, goals, hopes, dreams and more. I am the professional you should consult.

As a small business owner, your success comes from smart decisions. You hire a CPA to keep track of your books, an attorney to guide you through the maze of regulations and contracts, but you do all your marketing on your own?

In a seminar at Vivial in July 2013, Google representatives said point blank they would prefer to see advertisers come through a trusted partner, like Vivial, rather than to do it themselves. From Google’s vantage point, a SMB owner is more likely to get discouraged from their Search Engine Marketing results because they make elementary mistakes and then conclude this whole internet thing is a farce. Google recommends companies hire a professional, who’s been certified, to avoid the pitfalls and engage in best practices.

Short version of what you should know – (too late for short now!) – stick to what you know. Hire good people to fill in the gaps.

I think I’ll head over to the hospital during my lunch break. I’ve seen a lot of ER. I could help them out for a while.

Meet the Author

Ray Morgan: Since 1985, I have been working with Small to Medium size businesses in crafting and implementing effective marketing campaigns.  I’ve done it all – Radio, TV, Billboards, Newspaper, Yellow Pages, SEM, SEO, websites, Point of Purchase, Identity Creation and Collateral, Direct Mail, Advertising Specialties, Coupons, Video, Internet Yellow Pages, and on and on.  Thousands of conversations with small business owners about their successes and failures have taught me so much and I strive to pass this knowledge and expertise to my current clients.