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SEO Tips For Startups From Google in 10 Min [VIDEO]

Looking for SEO tips? Well if you have a website or are a start up or small business this will probably be the most valuable 10 minutes of your life. Maile Ohye is a developer tech lead at Google and creates wonderful educational content to help you get the most out of Google. This videos gives you SEO tips and talks about the things you need to do when you first set up your website and things to consider as a start up and small business. I would add:
1. Adding Google Analytics code to your website
2. Submitting your site map to Google

To her list of things to do when you first set up your website. I took the time to break down each of her points to help give you a better understanding of them. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or email me at lavall (at) When you are done you should also check out this video about local seo tips for local businesses.

1. www vs non www

Decided whether you want: or then use 301 permanent redirect to make sure you search engines recognize the correct address. Learn more about 301 redirects here.

 2. Verify Your Site in Webmasters Tools

Setup your website in Google webmasters tools and claim it. This is a very important step because Google Webmasters Tools is where you also submit your site map to Google. The sooner you submit your site map the faster Google will index your pages and recognize your website. Google webmasters tools also gives you heaps of information about keywords driving traffic to your website and alerts you when there are issues with your site. Need help setting this up just fill out our contact form.

 3. Site Design

Make sure your site design and layout is easy for your visitors to navigate. She makes a very great point regarding focus. I have always believed that each page should be focused on one topic. This makes things easier when it comes time for SEO and for PPC (Pay Per Click). If you don’t build the site to be focused on a single topic you will be forced to do this later if you want your site to increase conversion. Example the website breaks our services into Social Reputation Management and Mobile and Local Directory Optimization. We don’t try and crunch them under a service page. This makes it easier for us to rank for keywords like “Social Reputation Management” and for “Local Directory Optimization” and to use PPC advertising like Google Adwords to convert any one looking for those specific services.


Utility: Does our site design meet the needs of each persona?

Navigation: If searcher lands on child page…

    • Can they figure out where they are?
    • Can they easily navigate to where they want to be?

Focused: Does each page contain one logical topic obvious to visitors?

4. Define Your Conversion

This is huge! I assess about 50+ websites a month and besides the slew of  SEO mistakes I see, not having a call to actions (i.e email sign up form etc) on the home page is a constant error most people make. I believe every page should have a call to action and you should tell your customers exactly what you want them to do because you don’t know how a possible client is going to find your website. Some one could read your press page and sign up as a lead because of your press. Or they could be on your founders page and read about how great your founders and sign up there. Before you can do this you have to define what your conversion goals are.

Ask Yourself:

1.Do you want them to give you their email address, call a phone number, sign up to a newsletter etc?

2.Then make it very EASY for them to do this. If they have to click 2 times before they give you their information they WON’T give you it!

3. Offer and incentive for them to give you their information (i.e free assessment, coupon, ebook etc)

Story Time:

I have a client she is a marketing manager for a brand and is having trouble selling the idea that the company needs a sign up form on the home page because her boss thinks it is “begging” and they don’t want to seem to needy. This is not begging, this is creating a better experience for your site visitors. They are on your website because they are interested in what you have to offer. Won’t it make more sense to make it easy for them to contact you and enroll instead of making it harder? These things are called best practices for a reason. The reason is because they work and turn your site visitor into a customer. Humans are creatures who naturally look for the path of least resistance. If you make it difficult for them to sign up, they will find and enroll in the business that makes it easy for them to do so. I also ask the question how can she do her job and increase enrollment if she is not allowed to use the correct strategies?


5. Include Keywords in Your Content

Make sure you include keywords that your customers are searching for in your content. This tells Google that this page has something to do with the respective keyword. Example if you sell athletic footwear people are probably searching for “running shoes”. So use running shoes in the title and in the content description etc.

6. Page Layout

Each page should be laid out as follows. For best results I suggest you use the main keyword as the topic. Example if you sell running shoes then this would look like.

Webpage name: shoes

Unique topic (Running shoes)

Unique title  Running Shoes, We Have The Best Brands

Unique meta description for the snippet (Buying running shoes? We have the best running shoe brands at great prices.)

For non-dynamic sites: keywords in the file name, lowercase and hyphen separated (label the pictures “running-shoe.jpg”

Descriptive anchor text for every link (Blog post talking about running shoes would link back to using “running shoe” as the anchor text)

 7. Site Design

Your site should be built to look good and function well. If it is just built to look good by using Flash then your site will not rank well and sometimes it won’t rank at all. This is very important. So that is why it is very important to hire web design firms that understand SEO.

8. Load Time

Your website should load quickly other wise people will leave. Google takes load time into consideration in search ranking factors. Make sure that the pictures on the website are compressed so that they won’t slow down the page load time. Your site should load in half a second for best results with Google.


9.Social Media

One of the reasons social media marketing is great is because Google uses social signals as search ranking factors. Maile Ohye makes another point that you can use social media to diversify where traffic to your website is coming from and you can use it to meet communities that are interested in what you offer.


10. Rogue SEO Firms

I’m sure you have gotten and email like this before. In fact I got this one today!


rogue SEO

SEO firms contact you and promise you the world. However no one can guarantee you a #1 spot on Google and if they are using shady black hat tactics they will set your website up for real failure. Even if you fire them you will still have to spend money fixing the problems they created. So be careful and get educated about SEO before you hire a firm so you know what they should or should not be doing.