Local online marketing takes time and expertise.   You can build expertise, but you can’t make more time in the day.   A local business owner can spend every waking hour of the day on local online marketing given the breadth of social media channels, directories, search engine optimization techniques, email marketing, website updates, mobile and local advertising and more that could (should?) be done.

The infographic below from Mavenlink shows some of the time management challenges for local businesses.   We at Vivial agree that the fundamental challenge is time.   That’s why we think it’s so important that you find applications that make your life easier, not add work to your day.   We provide a single solution for local online marketing, one partner to talk to, for all your online marketing needs and it’s as easy to use as email and available on your mobile devices so you can make updates from anywhere and even on the run.

According to the study, small business owners estimate their time is worth on average over $200 /hour.  If you can save a couple hours, it’s definitely worth spending a couple hundred dollars per month on your local online marketing.   Are you trying to do too much on your own with your online marketing efforts?   Are you managing too many partners for your website, email newsletter, social media, directories, local SEO, etc.

Maybe it’s time to simplify your life, save more time and drive better results.

Time Management for Local Businesses