Here at Vivial, we value our communities and seek to serve and support them all. Last week, Vivial was given the opportunity to give back to the local community in Dayton.

The Battle of the Businesses is Dayton, Ohio’s largest fundraiser for the Special Olympics of Greater Dayton. Over 30 Dayton area businesses participate 12 coed sporting events over the course of eight days. Since 2014, Battle of the Businesses has raised over 70 million each year for the Special Olympics of Greater Dayton. Sporting events include: bowling, CEO water balloon toss, Inner Tube Relay, Miniature Golf, Obstacle Course, Punt, Pass, and Kick, Sack Race, Soccer Dribble, Swimming Relay, Team Ski, Tug-of-War, Volleyball, and Wind Sprint Relay.

Many of our employees in Vivial’s Dayton location participate in this event each year. Implementation Manager, Kori McBride, spoke about her decision to participate and said, “I participated last year and it was so much fun spending time with the people you work with every day, but spending time with them outside of work!” McBride participated in a total of eight events. She continued to say, “I love the fact that all of the proceeds go to the Special Olympics… It really warms my heart to be a part of that.” McBride further stated her hopes to get even more Vivial employees involved next year.

While some participate to stay involved within the company, others enjoy meeting people from outside of their departments. Battle of the Businesses also provides the opportunity to network with employees of other companies. Kyle Vanderhorst, an Account Representative said, “It was great meeting new people from the Dayton area and having fun with colleagues outside of Vivial.” Sales Intern Malik Thurman also participated this past weekend in Battle of the Businesses and was excited to meet more people in the office.

When asked about the qualities to a successful team, Cassandra Rice, Digital Account Coordinator said, “Communication! If there is no communication you will not succeed. It’s all about talking with each other whether its before, during, or after an event.” Similarly, Kara Hamby, a Social Media Manager said, “Open communication and teamwork.”

Vivial’s teams were successful in their efforts – almost beating out the top team in the Volleyball tournament, but ultimately placing 2nd – taking 8th place in the Bowling tournament (2nd place in the division), and 5th place in the Wind Sprint Relay (1st place in the division). Let’s go Vivial!