42% of businesses have generated customers through Twitter. If you’re not already using Twitter, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. If you just created your account, it won’t be long before you start hearing the term @mention. What exactly does it mean to @mention someone on Twitter?

How does it work?

A mention is any Twitter update that contains the “@” symbol followed by a Twitter handle. This is used to give public acknowledgement or promote someone on Twitter to your fan base. Here are a few ways to use the @mention:

·      @Mention a potential customer to bring your product or service to their attention

·      Share content from a blog, then @mention the person/company to give them credit

·      @Mention someone to start a conversation

Share the love and make your Twitter page not only about you, but your customers, companies and products you love! They might return the favor. 🙂

Why use it?

If you’re tweeting questions and not getting answers (this can happen a lot) there’s another way to get engagement: a call to action. When sharing a link to an article you think would be beneficial to your audience, you want to give the author credit. By including the @mention, the author will be receiving a notification letting them know their content has been shared. Connect with others through @mentions and start the conversation. This builds relationships with the other person or company.

Tips to get started:

You can @mention multiple people by including more than one Twitter handle in the Tweet. This can be applied when you’re giving credit to a company as well as a specific person in the company.


When you go to local events, be sure to @mention the event in every Tweet. You’ll have more of a chance of being retweeted by them and receiving more exposure.

Share useful content by others to help your audience, then include their Twitter handle to give them credit.

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Does everyone see my @mentions?

When you @mention someone in the beginning of your tweet, only people following the person or company on Twitter will see it in their feeds. Twitter considers an @ symbol in the beginning of the tweet to be conversational and more personal. To make the tweet available in your normal feed include a period before the @ symbol.


What do you think?

@Mentions are truly a great way to boost your engagement on Twitter, and I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to leverage the @mention to really personalize your outreach. What other tricks do you use when @mentioning someone on Twitter? Please share your ideas below, or of course, you could @mention me @Allison51090!