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In normal situations, and also emergencies, consumers are seekers. They go online for the best contractors and home service providers in their area – so your online presence is key. More than key, it’s mandatory. Let Vivial put you on your customer’s radar, let’s get you seen, noticed, and clicked on. It all starts with a Vivial strategy tailored for the home and business services industry.

Case Studies

Craftsman Electric

Home & Business Services Cincinnati, OH

In order to grow their bottom line, Craftsman Electric knew they had to get their business in front of more potential customers, and they turned to Vivial for help.

With a product mix that contained our Marketing Platform, SEM, SEO, yp.com, Website, Online Display Ads and Print Directories, Craftsman Electric’s brand was exposed to more than 380,000 interested consumers and 1,000 leads contacted them.

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Your Expert, Local Team

Of course, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account expert to be your go-to resource for any questions, any help, anything at all concerning home & business services marketing – and how to feel more at home with your digital marketing strategy.