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It is Vivial’s goal to support you and your small business in every way we can as you navigate through this uncertain time.

Keep business going by getting creative and working within new restrictions while being socially responsible.

We will get through this. Take advantage of systems and programs put in place by the government and organizations.

People are rallying behind their communities. Let customers know how they can support your business during this time.

Keep the momentum going! Adjust the focus of your campaigns, create useful content, and stay in touch with customers via social media.

Notify customers of changes to business hours and/or offerings by updating directory listings and posting to social media frequently.

General Resources

Fighting to Survive: Local Marketing During the National Pandemic - Webinar Series

Tools for Current Vivial Clients

It can be challenging to stay the course during unknown times, but businesses that do, and continue to market their services, will fair the best.

Why You Should Still Advertise

    • Strong Brand Awareness: Your message is more likely to be noticed due to fewer ads in the market.
    • Increased Brand Recognition: Your business is more likely to be remembered when everyone starts advertising again.
    • Reduced Noise Level: As competitors cut back on their ad spend, the “noise level” drops, those continuing to advertise reach their target audience with less competition.
    • Introduce New Products or Services: Decreased competition allows companies to introduce new products or services.
    • Instill Customer Loyalty: Allows businesses to project an image of stability during challenging times.

How to Take Full Advantage of Your Marketing Platform

    • Update Changes to your business hours and push them out to your online directories.
    • Share your company story, advice and other useful information for your community through Local Posts.
    • Promote special offers to drive business with Local Deals.
    • Connect with your social audiences by updating your statuses frequently and staying engaged with your customers and the community with your Social Inbox.
    • Send Updates to your subscribers via text message regarding new business hours and promotions.

Quick Guides

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