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“We know roofing, we don’t know the stuff Vivial knows. That’s where we work good as a partnership. You have to be with the right people that specialize in what they do.”

Anthony Schoen, Owner | Schoen’s Roofing

“Our partnership with Vivial has not only grown our business but it’s expanded it into other areas that we didn’t know existed. I was kind of blown away, to be honest with you. We saw the results instantly.”

Jen Fitzpatrick, Sales Manager | Sandhill Plastics

“It was a lead storm. I mean it started raining leads. […] They’ve increased bottom line. More money coming in. More jobs going out.”

Dennis J Smerbeck | Exceptional Exteriors & Renovations

“We needed more help and support with our digital efforts. What I love about Vivial is they take care of everything. I don’t wake up in the morning thinking about what’s happening, but they do.”

Misty Lown | Misty’s Dance Unlimited

“We really were looking for the experts in the field of digital marketing, and that’s what we found. […] What [Vivial has] done so far has just been incredible – to the point of having to redesign our business plan for this year just because we’ve had way  more leads, way more prospects, and way more customers reaching out to us this year than we thought was realistic.”

Cameron Olson | Olson Solar Energy

“The experience working with Vivial has been flawless. […] They care about me as a client, they care about me as a person, and they care about my business like no other marketing company ever has.”

Jason DiBiase | Rochester Pest Pro

“The exposure that Vivial has given me as a small business owner is awesome […] I saw Such outstanding results. They make it so easy for me, I don’t have to worry about it.”

Kelly Fischer | Phoenix Scuba

“With Vivial’s help in promoting our business, we were voted Best of Mesa 2020 for the Easy Valley Tribune.”

David Nelson | Nelson Estate Jewelers

“Vivial does our marketing for all three businesses in this building. They are the experts and I don’t know how we would do it without them.”

Christina & Damon Tinley | Model Home Staging

“The folks that do at Vivial do a fantastic job, They truly care about our business and making sure that we succeed too.”

Kim Riha | Accredited Insurance

“This last month, we, in northern Michigan, were voted number one best sports gear and rental company in a three-county area, which is huge. And they [Vivial] absolutely helped us achieve that, which was wonderful. I would definitely recommend Vivial to any small business, large business that needs help with their social media.”

Elaine Newbold | Crystal Lake Adventure Sports

“I feel that [Vivial] provide me a great value, help to bring in customers, and get our name out there…I can see growth.”

Tim Bixenmann | Allstar Insurance

“We’ve never done any sort of internet marketing before. We started with Vivial about a year ago and our business is up about 30% since then. If you want your company to grow, these are the right people for sure.”

Larry Tackett | Tackett Tree Experts

“You’ve got to have an edge. Our edge is Vivial. This is one marketing tool you can use and know that you’re getting benefits from it.”

Tony Nolan | Innovations Siding & Windows

“Vivial has opened up the curtain so I can see what’s going on and be able to help my own business with their help. It makes it easier for me because I don’t want to have to learn more about marketing, I just want to be able to do what I have to do.”

Robert Kraft | Restoration 1 Water Damage Experts

“I have been working with Vivial for 38 years out of my 40 years in business. Every call I go on with a new customer, I ask them how they got my number. 99% of the time they say off the internet, and when they say off the internet, I know Vivial is paying off for me.”

Tim Nall | A&M Crane & Rigging

“All the products that we’ve purchased with Vivial are directly impacting our bottom line.”

Scott Butler | Fitzpatrick, Skemp and Associates

“Vivial was critical for us in helping us bridge that gap between young people, technology, and existing clients.”

Mark Burch | Burch & Associates

“Vivial has delivered on their promises and met our expectations by constantly being in contact with me, asking if everything is going well and if I had any questions.”

“It was really like hiring an employee. You are able to turn your digital marketing over to somebody who is professional, who is up-to-date, and who stays educated in all the ways these companies work.”

Jared Miller and Barrett Miller, Co-Owners| Checkmate Moving & Storage

“Vivial is incredibly easy to work with. They are so simple. Right away I saw a 25% increase in membership, which is outstanding. It’s amazing!”

“Their dashboard is user-friendly. Basically, with one-click access, I can post things out to all of our social media sites.”

Andy Kerschbaum, Owner | Bombers CrossFit

“As a business owner, if you want to get the highest and best use out of your web presence, it makes sense to partner up with a company like Vivial.”

Bill Pankonin, Regional Owner | EXIT Realty Upper Midwest


“The biggest benefit of working with Vivial is the amazing amount of pressure that has been lifted off of my shoulder. I was constantly worried about how to market our business online. I did everything I could, but I didn’t have the knowledge to do it all. Now I can relax knowing that someone at Vivial is always going to be sure that everything is updated properly and we remain at the top of the search results.”

Sheila Atkins, Marketing Manager | Milford Dental Excellence


“Our expertise is plumbing, not advertising. We quickly realized we needed help. The work completed by Vivial is top notch. They continuously expand our customer base, without requiring lots of time and effort on our part. No other advertising options allowed for this … we know, we did our research.”

Rob Heeger | Joe Lay and Sons Plumbing


“I’ve received great results from my advertising program. Everyone at Vivial, from my ad tech consultant to my Account Coordinator, has the same attitude … to help me succeed in my business goals!”

Black’s Hardware


“With the advertising vehicles from Vivial, our bookings have increased incredibly. It is now to the point where we need to start hiring more employees!”

Hi Tech Duct Cleaning