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Your 5-Star Guide to Reviews

9 out of 10 consumers read local reviews to decide if a business is good or not – that means that online reviews are pretty darn important. But how do you leverage this valuable tool to help drive more customers to your business?

That’s where Vivial can help!

In our free webinar, we show you how to maximize your business’ online presence on all of the big review sites like Google My Business and Facebook (to name a few!).

Vivial Webinar Library

The Battle for Facebook Engagement

With the recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm, many businesses are (rightfully) worried about engagement – worry not! In our free webinar, Vivial’s expert panel revealed how several businesses (including our own) increased engagement on Facebook – and how yours can too.

get the insider scoop on 2018 digital marketing trends webinar

Find out what you can do to win BIG this year! Vivial’s marketing experts will look at what this year’s top marketing trends will be and how they will affect over a dozen industries. We’ll help you make sure 2018 is the best year yet for your local business.

How to Win With Google Local Search A

Search can be a complicated topic but we will help you tackle it. We’ll dive into the three main types of Search Results, Paid, Maps and Organic. Explain SEO and SEM and ultimately what you can do to win on Google through Keywords, Listings, Content and Your Website.

How to make google work for your business

Chock full of useful tips and insights to get your business found on Google, get your business seen by consumers, and ultimately, connect you with the customers you need. See how businesses like yours are leveraging search engine optimization, paid Google advertising, online directory listings to grow their online exposure.

The social networks you need this summer

Ready to make a splash on social media this summer? With the change of season comes a change in behaviors – especially in the digital world. Make sure your social strategy hits the mark by attending our free webinar. We’ve compiled useful insights on the top social media networks of the summer, so you’ll know exactly where to spend your time.

facebook webinar

Facebook is the world’s #1 social media platform. Vivial’s social media experts will arm you with the must-know tips and tricks for using Facebook to maximize your marketing efforts, including: Enhance Audience Targeting, Make the Most of Paid Social, and Juste “Get” Your Facebook Analytics.

Mobile Digital Marketing

Join our mobile marketing experts as they share consumer insights, industry trends and the tips and tricks you need to make sure your mobile marketing strategy strengthens your business this fall and beyond.

website fundamentals

Join Vivial’s Vice President of Digital Product Development, Todd Renard, as he shares the fundamental information you need to know when it comes to your website: Best practices for websites, mistakes to avoid, examples, how to build an effective website affordably, and more!

Build and online marketing plan

Join us as our experts guide you through the ins and outs of leveraging local online marketing to grow your business. Arm yourself with all the tools you need to begin your year strong and position your business to have its best year yet!

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